The enterprise was established in 1993

Which is an integrated special steel enterprise in a collection of sintering, iron-making, steel-making,

steel rolling, metal processing, power generation and scientific research.

With the total asset of 15 billion RMB and more than 5000 staff, the annual output capacity is over 1.5 million tons. Longteng special steel has 5 main branch companies, including Iron-making branch, Steel-rolling branch, PC steel bar branch, Steel ball branch and Welding materials branch.


More than 30 years,

It develops into a well-known special steel enterprise today from a former unknown small enterprise

Longteng Special Steel always takes satisfying and surpassing clients' demands as the guidance strategy of marketing,

scientific research and innovation as the core, quality assurance as the basis and establishing marketing channel, expansion and networking as the measure. 


Culture is the way, 

It runs through enterprise development and is practiced in each detail and system of the enterprise

Intangible culture has more power than tangible things.

It is the core of the enterprise in "concept upmost" times. 


Honors and qualifications,

All the medals and banners are showing the more than 20 yeas achievements of Longteng. 

They are the hard history of development, and become many mileposts for repaying the society.


Green special steel,

We deeply understand Xi Jinping thought of ecological civilization and bear in mind "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets"

The priority development strategy of safety and environmental protection has been established,

set up "Safety is the red line of enterprise life and environmental protection is the bottom line of enterprise life span".